(Jordan/UK/Qatar/2014—directed by Naji Abu Nowar)

In 1916, with war raging in the Ottoman Empire, the peaceful existence of two recently orphaned, closely-bound Bedouin brothers is interrupted when a British Army officer asks for help in finding the location of a rumored source of water near the Ottoman train tracks. What follows is a grandly mounted, classically satisfying adventure tale – moving, action-packed and visually spectacular, filmed in many of the same locations as Lawrence of Arabia. Academy Award® Nominee, Best Foreign Film. In Arabic and English with subtitles. Screened in conjunction with the DIA’s exhibition Church: A Painter’s Pilgrimage, on view from October 22nd through January 15th, 2018. (100 min.)

“Theeb is a jewel… a spectacularly epic adventure.” -Nina Rothe, The Huffington Post

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