Third Coast Percussion: Paddle to the Sea

The classic children’s book and Academy Award-nominated film, Paddle to the Sea, is the focus of a new project that looks at our relationship to the bodies of water that connect our lives. Third Coast Percussion composed a new score to be performed live with the film, which tells the story of a Native Canadian boy who carves a wooden figure called Paddle-to-the-Sea and sets him on a journey through all five Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence River, and finally to the Atlantic Ocean.

Existing works inspired by impressions of water and the natural world will weave in and out of the original film and new music, including composers Philip Glass and Jacob Druckman and the traditional music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. The performance will flow together as a seamless whole, with Third Coast Percussion using the existing music as a jumping-off point for the new music they compose.

Paddle to the Sea underscores the geographic, economic, and cultural connections in our shared waterways, and it also asks us to consider the human impact on the waters that help us transport our goods, provide our electrical power, bathe ourselves, cook our food, and quench our thirst.


The Noel Night performance:

In a special family adaptation on Saturday, December 1 at 2 p.m., Third Coast Percussion add interactive components to introduce the musical and cultural concepts of their performance. The musicians explore timbre—the color or characteristic sound of an instrument—using melodic material from the performance as well as fun listening games comparing the sounds of various metal, wood, and skin (drum) percussion instruments. Third Coast Percussion will also highlight many of their inspirations in composing this new work, including the music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. The whole family will learn about the extraordinary range of percussion instruments that can be found in cultures around the world, as well as in their own kitchen cabinets!



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