The Third Murder

(Japan/2017—directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda) 

One of Japan’s most innovative directors makes a surprising turn to a classic genre: the murder mystery. Leading attorney Shigemori (Massaharu Fukuyama) takes on the defense of a murder suspect who served jail time for another killing 30 years ago. Though Shigemori's chances of winning the case seem low – his client freely admits his guilt – the lawyer pays close attention to the testimonies of the victim's family and the defendant, causing the once confident Shigemori to doubt whether his client is actually guilty.

The Third Murder is a richly humane portrait of a man who discovers that the truth may be at odds with his long-held faith in the law. Winner of six Japanese Academy Awards, including Best Director. [Note: Kore-eda’s latest film, Shoplifters, which received the Palme d’Or (Grand Prize) at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, will open the 2019 DFT season on January 4.]

In Japanese with English subtitles. (125 mins.) 

“Critic’s Pick! Grows deeper and more emotionally complex one nuance at a time.”-Manhola Dargis, The New York Times 


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