VCESDA Lecture: “The Royal Gardens of Louis XIV of France: The Role of French Baroque Faience”

Featured Speaker: Camille Leprince, French & Italian Ceramics Expert and Dealer, Paris, France, and Birmingham, Alabama.

It is only recently that seventeenth-century baroque faience made for the French royal court has been fully appreciated. Because pottery and the art of the garden are two such distinct fields, the importance of faience in the garden designs of André Le Nôtre (1613–1700), had previously been completely overlooked. 

The colorful and easily portable containers for exotic plants and trees were a significant aspect of the fashion for jardins à la française. The talk will also provide new insight into the sumptuous French baroque faience produced for buffet dining en plein air ("in open air") during this period, when magnificent banquets were held outdoors in Le Nôtre’s gardens.


Image: Agence Photo F / Mathieu Ferrier, provided courtesy of the speaker.(detail)