Video Chat: Author/Illustrator Jeffrey Brown

Join cartoonist and New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Brown for a special online video chat! Jeffrey will answer questions, draw for the audience, and give a behind the scenes look at the process of how he makes his books, including his brand new series, Space-Time!

Jeffrey Brown is the author of Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess, as well as the middle-grade series Jedi Academy. Jeffrey has also explored prehistoric cave-kid life with Lucy & Andy Neanderthal and elementary school with his picture book My Teacher Is A Robot. Jeffrey returned to everyday life in the Star Wars universe with Rey and Pals, and the first volume of his new science fiction series Space-Time! launches on June 2.

How to Join: 

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  • You will not be on screen, but you will be able to ask questions by selecting “Q&A” on the right side of the screen after the event has started. 

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