Wayne Kramer & the Kollaborators

Legendary MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer is leading a band of all-star Detroit musicians as Wayne Kramer & the Kollaborators take the stage for a special performance at the Detroit Institute of Arts. 

Kramer is in town for the for the world premiere of “The Russian Five,” the new Red Wings documentary for which he wrote the score. To help celebrate, he’s assembled a band filled with Motor City muscle, including famed Motown guitarist Dennis Coffey, blues-rock-soul singer-songwriter Robert Bradley, Tino Gross (Funky D Records, Howling Diablos), eclectic jazz act Trio Reenactment and soul singer Melvin Davis. Kramer is also promising some surprise guests.

Expect a funky show that’s unpredictable both in style and in lineup. Rock and funk will battle it out with the ferocity of a hockey brawl. A sucker punch here, a hip check there — in true Detroit Red Wings style!

Image: Robert Matheu, photographer