Why We Drum だから太鼓を叩く | Great Lakes Taiko Center: Raion Taiko & Godaiko Drummers

Taiko drumming is rooted in Japanese music traditions and is the focus of a growing cultural movement in North America and around the world. The Great Lakes Taiko Center in SE Michigan has been sharing the joy of taiko through classes and performances since 2010.

In celebration of this year’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we present selections from our 9th Annual Concert: Why We Drum [だから太鼓を叩く] performed by members of our Raion Taiko and Godaiko Drummers ensembles in 2019. A live taiko performance is experienced with the whole body, mind, and soul.

Hear the thunderous sounds of our largest “odaiko” drum resonating with your heartbeat. Discover the drive of underlying rhythmic beats coming from our smallest “shime daiko” drum. Watch the movements of the taiko players and their “bachi” sticks dancing in harmony with the soundscape of percussion and melody instruments on stage.

The Great Lakes Taiko Center is honored to share the art and spirit of Japanese taiko drumming with you. This is Why We Drum. 


Watch this performance on the DIA’s YouTube Channel >


This program presented in partnership with Friends of Asian Arts and Cultures.

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