Japan Gallery Opening

The DIA’s new Japan Gallery brings together newly acquired works with old favorites that have not been on view for years. Traditional masterpieces are displayed alongside contemporary objects to explore the complementary qualities of stillness and movement inherent in many Japanese artworks.

Visitors are invited to imagine objects in the original contexts and spaces they would have occupied, such as tea rooms, Buddhist temples, and domestic rooms. The gallery features a space similar to a tokonoma, an alcove in Japanese homes and teahouses where treasured items are displayed. In an interactive tea table developed for the gallery, a digital host guides visitors through an experience that includes handling a 3D printed tea bowl.

Many works of art—including robes from Noh Theater, folding screens, and works on paper—will change seasonally every four to six months to protect light-sensitive materials, and to share more treasures from the DIA’s collection with the public.