Providing a great experience for museum visitors, extending the DIA's presence in the community

The DIA’s Volunteer Council is a group of more than 700 individuals who donate their time to provide a great experience for museum visitors and to extend the DIA’s presence in the community. Volunteers guide adult tour groups in the museum, serve as gallery hosts, staff the information desks, assist in the museum shop, lecture on the collection to adult groups in the community, serve as ushers at the DFT and help the museum staff with tasks ranging from stuffing envelopes to specialized placement in one of the museum’s departments. Each of the six Service Committees serves as a “home base” for volunteers within the larger structure of the Volunteer Council.

You can belong to more than one service committee and will receive training for your specific duties. Each of the committees has different requirements, but the “basics” apply to everyone: DIA membership, a desire to work in an art environment, and enthusiasm! Joining our volunteer family is simple, begin by reviewing the committee descriptions and requirements.  If you prefer, the information can be mailed to you. After processing your information, we will send you an invitation to an orientation session.

Flexible schedules are available on Tuesdays, weekends and Friday evenings.


Contact the Volunteer Services Department at 313.494.5221.

If you love the DIA and are interested in learning more, why not join the museum family by volunteering? It’s a wonderful chance to become an art aficionado, meet new and interesting friends, and experience the excitement of being part of one of the greatest art museums in the United States.


  • Amy Music: Chairman
  • Beatrice Smits: Vice Chairman
  • David Galli: Treasurer
  • Allison Smith: Corresponding Secretary 
  • Judith Vuylsteke: Recording Secretary


  • Philip Rivera: Volunteer Services Director
  • Anthony Drake: Volunteer Coordinator
  • Deborah Griffin: Volunteer Coordinator
  • Crysta Zgorski: Volunteer Coordinator