Celebrate someone important to you. Honor or remember someone with a special gift to the DIA’s Tribute and Memorial Giving Program!

Tribute and memorial gifts can be made at any time, for any reason at all. When you give a tribute or memorial gift, an attractive, personalized card is sent to the individual or family you have specified. You will receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation and the recipient is never informed of the specific amount of your gift.

Let someone know that you are thinking of them. Surprise a spouse, child, or a friend with a beautiful card, letting them know a donation benefiting the DIA was made in their honor.

Tribute and Memorial Gift Levels

Heritage $20-$74 

Ensure that the art you have come to love and appreciate will be available now and for future generations

Educator $75-$199 

Support vital education initiatives at the DIA, ensuring that those young and old can continue the lifelong process of learning about art.

Protector $200-$499

Support the conservation of the DIA's permanent art collection, ensuring its importance and value are never diminished.

Scholar $500 and up

Support the scholarship behind the art at the DIA, ensuring that the DIA's curators and art educators can conduct research on the museum collection and develop themes for exhibitions and catalogues.


For more information, contact:

Frank Castronova

Annual Fund Officer