An online version of our popular Thursdays at the Museum program, these resources help keep seniors (and people of all ages!) learning, exploring and connecting with their DIA. We’ll share videos of curator talks, links to films, art-making projects, online exhibitions and more.

Thursdays at the Museum

A new virtual program happening on Thursdays at 1 p.m., every week! Click here to find the events >


Corn Potato String Band 

This week we invite you to listen to the 2018 recording of the Corn Potato String Band’s performance set to one of the DIA’s, most notable paintings, Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s The Wedding Dance. Listen >

Great Cars 

As part of Detroit Style: Car Design in the Motor City, 1950-2020, four car designers sat down to talk about iconic Detroit cars and why they love them. In this video see what they think makes a great car. Featuring designers Ed Welburn, Craig Metros, Ralph Gilles, and Emeline King. Watch >

TATM presents Say Amen, Somebody

This week’s Thursdays at the Museum features a special presentation of the film Say Amen, Somebody, a now-legendary, joyous and continually thrilling portrait of the lives and music of the pioneers of modern Gospel music. DIA Film Curator Elliot Wilhelm will introduce the film and answer audience questions before providing a link with a password to watch the film at home for free. Learn more >

Thursdays at the Museum in Concert

This week the DIA’s regular Thursday at the Museum series presents a virtual concert for the first time with pianist Ivan Moshchuk, an emerging distinct and unconventional voice in the world of classical music. This performance features Sergei Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet: 10 Pieces for Piano, Op. 75, music from his famous ballet for solo piano. Learn more >

TATM Film Recommendations 

Detroit Film Theatre Director Elliot Wilhem has curated a selection of 10 films for seniors (and more!) to enjoy during this time at home. Each film can be accessed for free at the viewer's convenience. Learn more >

Conservation Project

During his time as a DIA curator, Director Salvador Salort-Pons rediscovered the painting The Infant Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness while on a visit to Meadow Brook Hall. What followed was a partnership between Oakland University and the DIA Conservation Department to restore the painting. Learn more >

Art-Making | Watercolor Cards

Hand-painted cards became popular at the turn of the century, often created on standard postcards and they continue to be collected today. Make your own postcard or greeting card to share with friends and family using this step by step guide and share it with us at #AtHomeDIA. See the resource >

Bruegel’s 'The Wedding Dance' Revealed 

The DIA’s exhibition Bruegel's ‘The Wedding Dance’ Revealed is a collaboration between the DIA’s Conservation and European Art departments that traces the life of the painting from its creation in 1566 to the present. While visitors cannot see the exhibition in person, they can still get a behind-the-scenes look at the exhibition from home! Learn more >

Art-Making | Bookmarks

Art-Making with the DIA studio artists is one of the most popular Thursdays at the Museum programs for adults age 55 and up on our schedule, and this week we offer this decorative bookmark project you can complete from home with supplies you have on hand. See the resource >

5 Questions | Curator Jill Shaw

Get to know the people behind the scenes at the DIA! During our time at home, DIA staff from across the museum will answer five questions about themselves, their current favorite piece in the collection and some of the work they have done during their time here! First up is Jill Shaw, the DIA’s Rebecca A. Boylan and Thomas W. Sidlik Curator of European Art, 1850-1970. Learn more >

Selected Artworks

Take a glimpse at pieces from the DIA’s collection right from your computer! This short video features numerous masterpieces that are currently hanging on the walls in the museum and brings them into your home. Watch >

Fakes, Forgeries & Mysteries

In 2011, the DIA organized an exhibition, Fakes, Forgeries & Mysteries, that explored some of the curiosities surrounding works in the museum's collection. Join the curator of that exhibition (and now DIA Director), Salvador Salort-Pons, on a video exploration of one of the artworks from the exhibition, The Head of a King. Watch >