What guided experience is best for my students?

Students consider choices that artists make and how art helps us connect to our thoughts, feelings and the experiences of others. (45-minutes)​

Students participate in a guided tour around themes of friendship, creativity, gratitude, generosity, kindness, patience and honesty based on the needs of the teacher. (45 minutes)  

Students engage in directed discussions about art, exploring how people of diverse cultures use art to define, reinforce, and communicate cultural, national, and personal identity. (45 minutes)

Shaping Identity – A Broad Cross-Cultural Exploration: Includes art from around the world and spanning thousands of years.

Shaping Identity can also include a more focused examination of a part of the world. Each experience starts with a global view.

  • Shaping Identity – Africana: Art and artists from the African diaspora.
  • Shaping Identity – Art of the Americas: North, Central and South America, including the Ancient Americas and Native American art from the colonial period to the present.
  • Shaping Identity – Art of the Ancient World: Ancient cultures such as Africa, Asia, Egypt, Europe, the Middle East, North America or South America.
  • Shaping Identity – World Languages: Connections made between world languages and the cultures from those regions.  May include: Arabic, Asian, French, German and Spanish art and artists.
  • Shaping Identity – Art of the Renaissance: How the art reflects life in Europe during this time of change and growth. Recommended for middle and high school.