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Final Weeks for Bitter|Sweet: Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

Final Weeks for Bitter|Sweet!

<div>Final Weeks for Bitter|Sweet!</div>

Sat. March 11, 9:30 p.m.

Afrofuturist Cinema: Crumbs

The Detroit Film Theatre's Afrofuturist Cinema series presents Crumbs, set in a post-apocalyptic Ethiopian wasteland where the most valuable crumbs of civilization are Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan merchandise.

Afrofuturist Cinema: Crumbs

<div>Afrofuturist Cinema: Crumbs</div>

Staff Picks

John Sloan: McSorley's Bar

John Sloan

McSorley's Bar, 1912

“Though many details are somewhat roughly indicated, this small painting clearly evokes an atmosphere. You feel as though you had walked down a New York street and just opened a door. ”

Nancy Jones, Volunteer

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