Through September 7

Detroit—Bruce Weber

The DIA has partnered with Condé Nast to present an exhibition of around 80 photographs by celebrated fashion photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber. The exhibition is free with museum admission. 

Detroit— Bruce Weber

<div class=alt>Detroit— Bruce Weber</div>

July 25 - 27

Puppeteers of America Great Lakes Regional Festival

The three-day festival presented by the DIA and Detroit Puppeteers Guild features diverse puppet shows. All shows are free with museum admission. 

Motor City Puppet Blast

<div class=alt>Motor City Puppet Blast</div>

First Three Weekends in August

Movies at the Metroparks

The Detroit Film Theatre will present outdoor movies at three Huron-Clinton Metroparks in August that celebrate the anniversaries of two pioneering films: the original, uncut 1954 Japanese version of Godzilla and the Fab Four’s A Hard Day’s Night in a newly restored version.

Movies at the Metroparks

<div class=alt>Movies at the Metroparks</div>

Staff Picks

Henri Gervex: Cafe Scene in Paris

Henri Gervex

Cafe Scene in Paris, 1877

“When I first saw this painting, what caught my eye was the shimmering, silvery-pink color of the dress, and how it contrasts with the dark tones in the rest of the painting. I also like that the women seem to be there on their own terms - hanging out and smoking with the men, which I imagine might have been a bit unusual in 1877. Watch this Staff Pick on our YouTube Channel ”

Pam Marcil, Public Relations Director

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  • It's Wayne County Day this Sat. at the DIA! Free bus transportation to/from DIA for Wayne County residents. Register: 2:39:05 PM
  • Don't miss the Puppeteers of America Great Lakes Regional Festival next weekend at the DIA! 2:53:42 PM
  • Happy birthday Edgar Degas! From the DIA's collection: Dancers in the Green Room 2:31:24 PM

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