Through September 7

Detroit—Bruce Weber

The DIA has partnered with Condé Nast to present an exhibition of around 80 photographs by celebrated fashion photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber. The exhibition is free with museum admission. 

Detroit— Bruce Weber

<div class=alt>Detroit— Bruce Weber</div>

First Three Weekends in August

Movies at the Metroparks

The Detroit Film Theatre will present outdoor movies at three Huron-Clinton Metroparks in August that celebrate the anniversaries of two pioneering films: the original, uncut 1954 Japanese version of Godzilla and the Fab Four’s A Hard Day’s Night in a newly restored version.

Movies at the Metroparks

<div class=alt>Movies at the Metroparks</div>

Friday Night Live! 

The DIA is open late every Friday night with free live music. Click below to see a schedule of upcoming concerts.

Friday Night Live!

<div class=alt2>Friday Night Live!</div>

Staff Picks

Lyonel Feininger: Sidewheeler II

Lyonel Feininger

Sidewheeler II, 1913

“I love how Feininger sharpens my perception of the intensity of the storm with waves, clouds, ship smoke, and the ship itself broken into angular shards. This non-fluid geometry remarkably conveys the vessel's struggle for forward motion against the repeated lift and drop of waves and crush of water surging across its decks. ”

Scott Boberg, Head of Interpretive Programs

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