Once part of a multipaneled altarpiece painted for the church of Porto San Giorgio (on the Adriatic coast of Italy), this painting depicts Christ's mother and followers attending to his corpse. The gestures of the Virgin and Mary Magdalen draw attention to the wounds of Christ, suggesting that the panel was a devotional image meant to inspire the sympathy of worshipers. The grieving figures of Saint John the Evangelist (on Christ's left), Joseph of Arimathea, and Nicodemus provide examples for the spectator to follow. The intensely expressive figures, emphasized by detailed draftsmanship, are hallmarks of Crivelli's style.
Artist Carlo Crivelli, Italian, active 1457-ca. 1493
  • The Deposition of Christ
  • Lamentation (alternate title)
  • Imago Pietatis (alternate title)
Date ca. 1470
Medium Tempera and gold on wood panel
Dimensions Unframed (Lunette panel (semi-circular)): 16 1/2 × 45 inches (41.9 × 114.3 cm)
Framed (irreg.): 25 7/8 × 54 5/8 × 3 9/16 inches (65.7 × 138.7 × 9.1 cm)
Credit Line Founders Society Purchase, General Membership Fund
Accession Number 25.35
Department European Painting
On View European: Medieval and Renaissance W234, Level 2 (see map)
probably commissioned by Giorgio da Prenta Albanese [of the Salvadori family];
1470-1803, Church of Porto San Giorgio (Porto San Giorgo, Fermo, Italy);
1803, possibly moved to Chiesa del Suffragio, where it had two temporary residences;
by 1834, Salvadori family;
1834, sold by Luigi Salvadori (Rome, Italy);
1834, purchased by Hudson [associated with the Portuguese embassy] (possibly Rome, Italy);
by 1854, Alexander Barker (possibly London, England);
by 1871, until 1892 [or from 1854 until 1876], 1st Earl of Dudley;
June 25, 1892, sold by (Christie's, London, England) auction Earl of Dudley, lot 59;
1892, purchased by (Agnew, London, England);
until ca. 1920, Thomas Brockleband (Wateringbury Place, Kent, England);
1925 (Duveen, New York, New York, USA and London, England);
1925-present, purchase by the Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
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