Exploring European works of art from the Middle Ages through the mid-20th Century

The Visiting Committee for European Sculpture and Decorative Arts explores European works of art from the Middle Ages through the mid 20th century in all their variety: the picture frame as well as the picture, the sculpture and the table it sits on, the carpet on the floor and the parquet underneath. Our diverse membership includes active collectors, scholars, and enthusiasts committed to increasing their knowledge of the decorative arts and sculpture through varied programs and travel opportunities. With our funds, the Visiting Committee supports programs and acquisitions for the Detroit Institute of Arts' world-renowned collections. 

For more information contact James Miller at (313) 833-1720 or JMiller@dia.org


Membership Benefits
  • Connoisseurship Seminars

    Study sessions conducted by scholars, dealers, curators, and collectors, offer opportunities to explore such issues as design process, manufacture, conservation, and the market for sculpture and the decorative arts.
  • Lectures

    Public lectures by prominent scholars, dealers, and collectors that compliment connoisseurship seminars.
  • Trips and Tours

    Exclusive tours of public and rarely seen private collections, whether locally, in other American cities, or abroad.
  • Members-Only Museum Previews and Tours

    Private previews of special exhibitions, escorted by exhibition organizers and curators, and "behind-the-scenes" tours.
Membership Dues
Membership Level Annual Dues  
 Supporting - Individual  $50  Join/Renew
 Governing - Individual  $500  Join/Renew
 Sustaining - Individual  $1,000  Join/Renew
 Supporting - Dual  $100  Join/Renew
 Governing - Dual  $1,000  Join/Renew
 Sustaining - Dual  $2,000  Join/Renew


For program information, call the European Art Department at (313) 833-1720


  • Joanne Brodie: Chairman
  • Linda S. Popoff: Secretary
  • Michele Glenn: Assistant Secretary
  • David M. Thoms: Treasurer
  • Elizabeth DuMouchelle: Education
  • Diana Golden: Membership

Board Members

  • Maureen D'Avanzo
  • Charles Dunlap
  • George and Jo-Elyn Nyman
  • Fair Radom
  • Lila Silverman


  • Alan Darr: Senior Curator
  • James Miller: Curatorial Assistant
  • Kimberly Barrow: Associate Director of Membership